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Go to bluebeacon.io/signup. You’ll be asked to provide your name, address, email and phone number. Next, you'll provide a payment and receive a confirmation email. Then, go to the App Store to download the Blue Beacon app. Use your new ID and Password to sign in.

Once you’re signed up via the Blue Beacon website, use your ID and Password to log into the app. If you’re having trouble logging in, (1) Make sure you have an active subscription by logging and viewing your account status on the website (2) If you have forgotten your password or entered it incorrectly, you can to reset it. Alternatively, click Forgot Password on the app sign in page.

Once you’re logged into the app, go to My Profile tab in the app to select your market focus, capability focus and identify your network. Your Profile configuration will directly impact the volume and quality of Alerts you receive in the Dashboard. Here are a few tips:

From the “My Profile” screen, you can click the "+" sign in the top righthand corner to search for items you want to add to your Profile. Your Profile can support multiple business development strategies from one that is market based, for example targeting a particular agency or office, to a capability focused, where you are selling across the federal government. If your work is capability focused, add NAICS, PSCs, and Capability Terms & Keywords. We recommend terms such as "cloud security" or "data analytics" and avoiding generic terms like “management” or “project”. There is no need to add any agencies to your Profile if you want to see opportunities across the government. When your focus is more on a particular market, add your target agencies and offices. You can choose specific offices or the top level agency. Choosing the top level agency will include ALL offices within the agency. Utilize the location filter to restrict opportunities to your a particular area. Your Profile will automatically have the location of your SAM registration so make adjustments accordingly. Be sure to add companies in your network; then you can begin tracking awards under the Contract Awards section. Consider adding teaming partners, competitors, and former employers, among others in your network.

Change your Dashboard view at any time by clicking on Edit button in the top right hand corner. You can unselect any category to eliminate it from your Dashboard view, such as the Getting Started. Also, you can change the order of the list by touching the right side and moving the categories up and down. Click done once you’re finished!

Building and managing your pipeline used to be difficult. Blue Beacon is designed to allow you to grow your federal pipeline by tracking opportunities, connecting to new partners, and keeping you updated on your market. Simply dedicate 15 minutes a day. Here are a few things to help you navigate the app. Priority Alerts - these alerts will be marked in red and called out based on Profile set-aside matching. Favorites - at any time, you can mark and track your Favorite items for quick access or to keep closer tabs on a solicitation or contract actions. Favorite items will be saved for you to review at any time. Ignore and Hide - these functions eliminate the alert from your queue. Remove will simply delete it however Ignore will ensure you don’t receive updates to a solicitation or contracts again. Saving, sharing & connecting - the Share button allows to send the alert to yourself, colleague or teaming partner.


Blue Beacon is available on iOS mobile applications ONLY, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Having a problem with your Dashboard Alerts? Make sure you have the latest version of the app and/or close the app and log in again. Next, make sure My Profile is setup with your market and capability focus and you've identified your network. If in the days to come you’re still not receiving the Dashboard Alerts you’d expect, please contact us at support@bluebeacon.io

Go to the Search tab within the app. Search using contract numbers, key words, NAICS codes, locations and you’ll see results in the following categories: Contracting Professionals; Companies and Individuals, i.e., teaming profiles and contacts; FBO Opportunities; Contract Vehicles; and Awards. Use the Filter button to focus your results

You can reset your password on our website or on the app log in page. If you have forgotten the email address you used to register with Blue Beacon, please contact us as support@bluebeacon.io.

Your subscription receipt will be provided via email upon signing up. If you did not receive a copy, please contact us at support@bluebeacon.io for a subscription receipt.

Not finding what you are looking for? Contact Us at support@bluebeacon.io

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