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About Blue Beacon

Blue Beacon Federal Contracting

What We Do

Blue Beacon federal contracting business development experts work hard so you can spend more time pursuing contracts and building new relationships. Whether you own a business or manage a market, you need to stay informed about federal business opportunities, contracting activities within your network and the ever changing market dynamics.

If you are independently tracking opportunities then Blue Beacon will get you more relevant opportunities, more quickly. You’ll also get updates on what’s happening in your market and advice on how to approach your next opportunity. If you have your own analyst who provides this information already, Blue Beacon will enhance and streamline their work, giving them more time to secure new business for you. If you have enough business to manage and you’re not interested in new opportunities, Blue Beacon will update you on contracting activities within your network to help you stay close to your competitors, partners and current contracts.

Who We Are

Blue Beacon was created by federal contractors with experience at firms of every size. We have decades of experience in the federal market, so we know what information is relevant, and what is simply a distraction. We designed the Application and overall Service for ourselves because it is what we needed to get our business to connect and grow. We spend hours digging through web portals and analyzing data so you don’t have to. Blue Beacon helps you spend time on more productive pursuits and accelerate your business development.

In 2007 Steve Job’s announced a new device called the iPhone that combined a phone, iPod, and internet browser. At the time, no body believed the iPhone would eventually become the standard and eliminate the need for cameras, MP3 players, printed maps, alarm clocks... The iPhone also created opportunities to consume and share information in ways never thought of before. Motivated to act, Blue Beacon challenges the thinking of a mature industry reliant on spreadsheets and online portals. How can millions of records be cleansed and sorted, and then delivered on a mobile device to get new contracts? Blue Beacon iPhone/iPad application and service accomplishes this task.

What We Believe

We work with a common purpose and a simple set of beliefs that inform all our decision making:

  • Blue Beacon believes in making business development a part of our customers' daily routine and company culture.
  • We believe that creating customer value is the most important thing we do.
  • We believe in offering a cost competitive service for all size businesses.
  • We believe the most convenient and actionable format is on your iPhone or iPad.
  • We believe that you’ll win more work by focusing your attention, understanding contracting better and leveraging your network.
  • We believe in personal development and helping advance your career.

Turning just 15 Minutes into Outrageous Success: So, for federal contracting, what are the most important activities you undertake on a daily basis? First, you need to track and evaluate upcoming and newly posted opportunities. Organizations overlook a powerful process performance lever — day-to-day operational decisions. Too many distractions can prevent you from having the discipline to review relevant solicitations for your business. Make a commitment to yourself that you will take one action each day to increase your market knowledge, make a connection, and evaluate a new opportunity.

We have designed Blue Beacon with this regular activity in mind. Beginning a daily habit of tracking new opportunities, connecting to your network, and gathering market insights is only the first step. Build on the momentum to fundamentally change the way you approach business development. Spend your precious time prospecting, connecting, and pursuing opportunities. Having a clear and focused business development plan will help set the course. Whether you're a prime contractor, subcontractor, large or small business the 15-minute habit gives you a chance to be successful in capturing work 6 to 12 months down the road.

Careers at Blue Beacon: Want to Join Us?

These are exciting times here at Blue Beacon. We’re always on the lookout for more talented people to join our growing business. Contact us today.

Customer Testimonials

"As a small business owner I wear many hats. I don't have lots of time to focus on business development. Blue Beacon helps me get the information I need when I need it to be successful in finding and capturing new business. It is also a great resource for my employees to have on their phones when they are out in the field and need real time access to contact information, competitor stats and coming opportunities."

- Ethos Strategic Consulting

"A great product that allows me to focus on my priorities and helps me to build my business – it gives me the pulse on the market and is especially valuable for small businesses that have limited bandwidth and capacity. I start my day with the Blue Beacon app!"

- The Parnin Group

"The Blue Beacon app is an invaluable tool for business development research in the federal contracting space. It is extremely easy to use and quick to navigate all of the more cumbersome government procurement data. As a business development professional often on the go, the Blue Beacon app helps me to quickly find the information I am looking for!"

- EnExDi