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Grow your business with Blue Beacon Federal Contracting

Blue Beacon is the ultimate business development tool. Dedicate 15 minutes a day and you’ll focus, connect and get new business. Access to over 30,000 opportunities, $430 billion in awards, and 500,000+ teaming profiles and contacts.

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Grow Your Pipeline

With intelligent profile management tools, you’ll receive the most relevant alerts based on your market, capabilities, and network

  • Access to 30,000+ opportunities with daily alerts on immediate and longer term contracts
  • Expiring contracts, agency forecasts, small business set-asides and RFIs, RFPs and notices from FBO.gov - Most comprehensive set of opportunities in the industry!
  • Enhanced information management and sharing capabilities turn insights to action

Spend Time on the Right Opportunities

With federal contracting records at your fingertips, you’ll have the timely intelligence needed to pursue the right leads and win more. You’ll increase your business focus on high probability pursuits and reduce time spent researching.

  • 800,000+ government and industry contacts, phone numbers and email addresses
  • Set-aside alerts and incumbent history
  • Daily contracting updates for contractors in your market and your network
  • Timely updates on notices
  • Past scopes of work and contract history

Stay Close to Your Market

You’ll receive relevant insights to stay close to your agencies, contracts, teaming partners and competitors. Topics include new agency requirements, Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), DCAA compliance, GSA Schedules, spending trends and analysis, agency leadership and strategic plans, new contract awards… to name a few.

  • Agency Insights
  • Competitor profiles
  • Compliance updates
  • Leadership changes
  • Agency strategic shifts
  • Contact vehicle primes and awards
  • Networking, industry and government sponsored events

Make Informed Decisions

Dedicate 15 minutes a day and you’ll both accelerate your business development and make informed decisions about your market-focus, opportunities to pursue, contracting strategies, and teaming partnerships.

  • Teaming profile of any federal contractor in seconds
  • Contract awards and updates daily
  • Timely knowledge of new opportunities and notices ahead of your competition
  • Sharing capabilities and collaboration with your team

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Blue Beacon makes business development a part of your daily routine and company culture. Blue Beacon pulls together the information you need —and only the information you need— enabling smart networking and contracting. Specializing in Professional Services & IT, Blue Beacon supports business development professionals, market leads, and business owners who are on-the-go. Expand your network, increase your contracting knowledge and win more work with Blue Beacon.

“Provides never before access…, helps us make quicker bid/no bid decisions”

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